So, you want a poppin’ social life?

The weather is getting warmer so you know there will be more opportunities for Sunday Funday brunch, maybe a spring fling [if these dudes start getting fades again — but that’s a blog for another time], super lit day parties and rooftop happy hours. In other words, a black millennial’s peak social season is coming.

Now is our time to thrive!

There is just this one thing: ADULTING. 🤦🏽‍♀️  Unfortunately, we’re no longer the age where we have scheduled Spring and Summer Breaks. We’re grown and we got shit to do.

That being said, you don’t have to neglect your social life because it is possible to do it all. Trust me, I’m a professional. 

Here are eight Breezy-tested things you can do for a more poppin’ social life:

#1 Pre-Plan Meals

I don’t know about you, but I loathe grocery shopping. I feel like it takes up so much time that I could be allocating to something else, but it must get done. I’ve learned that pre-planning my meals helps me to know exactly what I need to buy at the grocery store so that I can make the trip as quickly (and economically feasible) as possible.

#2 Keep A Calendar of Events

Calendars are literally the best thing EVER invented, and with good reason. Jotting down events and other important tasks on a calendar helps you visibly gauge the type of time you have during a given week. If you know you plan to be at Marvin’s Day Party on Saturday or Barcode’s turn-up brunch on Sunday, you won’t be so inclined to accept every happy hour invitation during the week if you haven’t checked off important tasks that you committed to completing at the start of the week.

#3 Create A Reward System

I love rewarding myself for handling my business — even though I’m expected to handle my business 🙄. If you designate so many hours to work/school or other important things on Tuesday, then you can reward yourself with a mani/pedi on Thursday. And guess what?! That’s JUST IN TIME for you to slay at Bar Deco’s happy hour on FRIDAY! Thank me later.

#4 Host Work Sessions With Friends

Being Social doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be out in these streets sipping on cocktails and attempting to do whatever new dance the latest song has made popular. You can also be social and productive — kind of like how we used to have study groups in the library when we were in undergrad. Invite some like-minded friends over who have just as much work to get done as you. Be sure that you don’t let their presence become a distraction and vice versa. Hold each other accountable for completing tasks, and if you happen to finish early, po’ up!

#5 Make Sacrifices

I love watching television but I sacrifice my desire to watch shows when they first air because I love my social life even more. I plan to watch all of my weekly shows on Sunday evenings (thank you On Demand) rather than watch them through the week. I use the time that I would normally watch them to catch up on work that I let fall behind or to do extra work that will free up additional time later in the week.

#6 Take Time To Disconnect

I know this sounds crazy (since I’m trying to help you improve your social life), but taking the time to disconnect from social media and putting your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode are social life savers when it comes to having a poppin’ social life. If you’re connected all of the time, you will always be a victim of FOMO (fear of missing out). If you disconnect, you give yourself a peaceful environment to focus on things that you need to get done without losing track of time watching countless Facebook videos and the temptation of responding to texts about the latest move. Remember, if you don’t know, you can’t go.

#7 RSVP For Everything

I find it bad practice to ignore emails and text messages that I receive about events. Sure, I’m not going to go to every event that I receive an email or text about, but I will definitely look into it. If the event seems like something that is my speed, I almost always RSVP, and I normally RSVP for more than one person so that I can drag a friend along. RSVPing ensures that you have options, can potentially enjoy either free admission or early bird discount specials, and if you make it by the RSVP time, you may even be able to indulge in an open bar. I’m all for having a poppin’ social life on a budget. Don’t be the person who wakes up after a good night and then freaks out over the amount of money you spent.

#8 Get Some Sleep

I know I’ve said this before, but NO ONE LIKES A PARTY POOPER, which is pretty much what you’ll be if you don’t get enough sleep. There is no way you can truly enjoy your amazing new social life if all you can think about while you’re sipping your Jack D & Ginger is the next time you’ll be able to take a nap. Get the sleep your body needs so when it’s time to play, you can conquer the day!