Three Deliciously Easy Watch Party Dishes That Will Make You Game Day MVP

With the College Football Championship game on Monday, and NFL playoffs around the way — if you’re actually one of those people who said Fxck Kaepernick and decided to watch anyway — you may be thinking about having a watch party. That’s a great idea!

For those of you who don’t know, I love food so when I’m at a watch party, I’m most definitely judging the food selection. Whatever I bring is ALWAYS a hit so trust me when I say that I have three deliciously easy watch party dishes that will make you game day MVP.

These delicious crockpot buffalo wings take the work load off of you. You can clean and even take a nap while they cook for four hours on a high temperature setting!The-Balanced-Black-Girl-Crockpot-Buffalo-Wings

I’ve never had any complaints about this spinach dip. It’s so good. I swear people will be asking for the recipe — especially if they eat while it’s hot!


Jalapeno poppers have easily become one of my most favorite game day snacks. To be honest, I’d eat them if it were not game day — that’s just how good they are!