The Balanced Black Girl is my contribution to the existence of Black women. Life can be so overwhelming with all of our daily adventures. As if working full-time and fostering our professional growth isn’t enough, we also have to create some kind of social life worth remembering, achieve a perfect twist-out, navigate the craziness involved in love and romance, feed the dog, walk the dog, support black businesses, read EVERYTHING, praise the Sweet Lord Baby Jesus, SAVE AMERICA — the list goes on. It ain’t easy, but it’s lit.

I can’t think of a more amazing tribe that I’d rather be a part of, and I hope that this blog will inspire more black women to love themselves, love each other and of course, give the world yet another reason to acknowledge us as the Queens that we are.

Yup, we’re Queens — Queens who literally do it all. This blog was created to celebrate us as we Work, Play and Slay. Thanks for being a part of the journey 🙂